Translation in English.

Faces of the children.
Happy and innocent.
United you stand, as one, within the poverty.
Sensible souls who live in countries at war.
Oh children! Remain strong and brave!

Upon those difficult times, keep smiling at the life.
And life, will smile at you back.

The children of the world's exhibition.
Forever grants immortality to the universal destiny of our era.
Not being an easy, neither a difficult one.

Being busy all the day along, either studying or playing.
Writing and drawings remain nonetheless their priority.

Hear me! Oh! Children of the Earth.
Do not feel sorry for yourself, nor for what might put you down.
Because life still holds in store for all of you lots of beautiful surprises.

The Queen, 14 years old.


22.03.2021 18:09

Geery Besharat

Such a beautiful poem, this young girl has obviously been deeply touched by the exhibit. I hope other schools will encourage input in verse or essay too!